The Handsomizer™

"Man may be his own worst enemy, but the man who sees his barber often is his own best friend..."

The Handsomizer™ was born of many years traveling around the world as a performing musician and an appreciation of men's grooming and hairstyling.

After twenty years in the business of music, Stephen Mason began exploring other creative opportunities and was immediately excited by the opportunity of becoming a Master Barber.  

The ideas of community, personal stories and the practice of barbering embodied in Wendell Berry's literary work "Jayber Crow" had a significant impact on this pursuit, and the beauty of these elements have become an important part of this new vocation.  Mind, body and spirit are important to the Handsomization™ experience.

Stephen currently offers haircuts, trims and straight-razor shaves as he is finishing up required hours and testing.  He will eventually be practicing the fine art of barbering for men, women and children in the Nashville area as a licensed Master Barber later this year.

While the Handsomizer™ is still in school, please email the or text 615-804-4262 for appointments, and thank you for your patience during this interim period!